The One

After watching all these love stories since i was a kid, i sit back and these questions poder my mind about the one i’ll say my ‘I do’;
How will she look?
Do i already know her?
What will make her different from all the girls i’ve met?
What is she doing at the moment?
Nyway let me not worry about this stuff, God is busy writing my love story.

Talking of girls, if these categories ever cross your path please think hard before going down on one knee;
1. The ‘Bad Black’
This one will remove all your teeth not forgiving the gums. Whenever you go out, she’ll want to know how much is in the wallet and strive at making it as dry as the sahara.
U’ll start receiving texts like ‘honey send me 200k i’ll refund it in 2 weeks’.
The problem with this type is that in case you face any financial hardships, she’ll dump your ass and you’ll even doubt your own existance.
2.The ‘Zari’ type
When u date this one you’ll always be referred to as Zari’s boyfriend. They always want popularity and can be control freaks. The problem i they’ll wear the trousers at home.
3.The ‘Kasenyanku’ type
Now this one comes from the most remote village which can’t be traced on google maps. When questions like ‘can you buy me the whatsapp phone?’ or ‘i hate people who talk of twitter, that place has bad food.’ please run for your dear life.

In a nutshell, life presents so much but u have to know what you want and set your standards, never compromise them, if she lies below, just don’t go coz u don’t want that guilt to haunt you for the rest of your life.


About silwaxxy2013

Civil Engineer in the making, moved like a kite in the wind
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