Most people tend to have this reality of fear but is it actually fear or an illusion? In many instances human beings tend to  actually fear the result of the action not the action itself, take a look;
1. You are never afraid of people around you but you’re just afraid of rejection. This usually happens on parties. You’re just afraid of approaching him/her because you may get iced. This is what people call ‘swelling’.
2. You’re not afraid to love but you’re just afraid of being loved back. I have to confess i have this problem of telling a girl that i love her, suppose she says she doesn’t, do i just stand there like a log of wood?
3. You’re not afraid to try again, you’re just afraid of getting hurt for the same reason. This is common in relationships, when you’re just from one, u don’t want your sorry ass to be dumped again.
4. You’re not afraid to let go, but just afraid to accept the reality that she’s gone. Now this goes to guys who hard-line on babes, please if she says it’s over, move on. Am sure around the corner you’ll meet someone cuter than her.
5. You’re not scared of the dark but scared of what’s in it. This happened a lot when i was a kid, sleeping in a dark room after watching a horror movie…nedda!!!
6. You’re not afraid of heights but you’re afraid of falling. This is the reason i don’t look down when on a tall building, shit can be scary.

So let’s embrace all these illusions and be better people, if you want something go for it no matter the repercussion.


About silwaxxy2013

Civil Engineer in the making, moved like a kite in the wind
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