Who should i date?

My bachelorhood makes me think much about dating. So if am to go back to that life, 3 options are available and these include;
1. The vacists
These ones think it’s awesome that you’re at campus and super cool that you have a room of your own at campus.
She compares you to fellow  vacists who live at home hence puting you in a superior position.
When she visits you, u can play games like NFS, FIFA without any guilt.
She also loves drinking with u till u both get wasted and later do the unthinkable.

2.Fellow campusers
These ones wish u become a better gentleman.
She always complains how messy your room is.
She tells all her girlfriends everything about you and complains how you’re texting some of her friends.
Hates when you play games like FIFA more than anything in the world and renders that childish behaviour.

3.The Older babe
This one makes some good money and always takes you out to buy u drinks and some good food.
She always loves how energetic and healthy you are.
She always wants to get what the husband is not offering like compliments about her new hairstyle.
It’s always about the sex drive, the better the sex the better treatment you get.

But since i don’t need more money and i need someone to correct me, i think a campuser will do.
In life you have to weigh your possibilities to come to a judgement, so what’s yours?


About silwaxxy2013

Civil Engineer in the making, moved like a kite in the wind
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