Campus girls

This writing was extracted from UGO Uganda and i hope it will put a smile on your face.


KIU GIRL: You speak to her in Swahili then she will think you are also from Kenya, you buy
her a beer and she will let you in her bed.

MUBS GIRLS: Buy her unique clothes from Nakawa market, Pick her upfrom her hostel
in a red vitz/Green Ipsum take her to Casablanca every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, then she will unleash it
for u in the car

KYAMBOGO GIRLS: You vibe her in Luganda, buy her a rolex, continue vibing her in Luganda,
take her out on Sunday to a Church then she will let you taste her places.

MUK GIRLS: You vibe her in English, flirt with her, feed her family and friends on a date, buy
her an Ipsum and give her your tuition money then she can let you kiss her. If you want to end up in her Kikoni,Kikumi kikumi or Katanga Hostel take her for shopping and tell her you work in State house, she will spread it all for you.

NKUMBA GIRL: Just tell her that you are back from UK or USA and that you are a porn actor, she will let you to Kumbaya in her bed but make sure you look up, these girls always have cameras, you may appear in the next
Ugandan porn movie.

UCU GIRLS (Thugs hiding in Christianity): just tell her that you are a bouncer at satellite
beach! Or tell her you are a son 2 a high-priest in Church of Uganda and that she is the one you saw in your dream a day b4; you will be swimming in her YOYO

MUST GIRL: Just vibe her in Runyankore, Practice that style called ak’embarara then call her your ghee and honey, in 9 months you will be having triplets.

BUSOGA UNIVERSITY GIRLS: Promise her you’ll make her cross the Nile, invest in her
father’s chapatti business and avoid explanations because she will comprehend nothing in just a blink of an eye, you’ll be touring her hidden territories a.s.a.p.

BUSITEMA GIRL: Buy for her a hoe, get her some seedlings then tell her you own a snake farm and she will ask you to show it to her in the bed.

NDEJJE GIRL: Vibe her in English, she won’t get a word, vibe her in Luganda, she will pretend she didn’t hear you then just begin
massaging her and she will begin saying “aah naawe KK ndeeka as she leads your hands to
other places…”

YMCA GIRLS: Appear at herhostel door while holding a basket-ball. Just bounce it up and pretend you have an injury and you want to rest, she will let you into her bed asap.

IUIU GIRLS : simple just come while riding your self even if its a pick up no problem make sure u know how to greet “Asalamu aleikum but expect the unexpected because these chicks are always veiled so they may
look beautiful in veils but after removing them she m8 either be Ugly or Beautiful, but a Leg is a Leg, Go ahead and bang

VICTORIA UNIV GIRLS: Haaaa these ones banange am also not sure, let me first research, the last time I vibed one of them,
she brought all her friends into the bed with me and I fainted because of over-working.

GULU GIRL: Just smear yourself with charcoal, begin speaking anything like “Me yadwar olara otunnu ngo gong your legs cher
spread them eat you” then buy her a second hand lotion or Vaseline, she will stick to you
for life and will let you in bed by force.


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