letter to my sisters

Dear Sisters,

I last wrote a letter to my ka ex-galfriend in high school so please excuse my style of writing.

So hope you are all well, i just want to inform you about our fathers who have become sugar daddies.

These wealthy men take advantage of your incapability to have enough money.
Most of you fall prey to them due to peer pressure since you need expensive shoes and hair styles etc, but you should realise that each individual has a different background so if yours was a good one, don’t spoil it too soon.

Most of these men have wives and children of your age but you still decide to turn a deaf ear. The repercussion is you either get a kid or get infected with the obvious virus.

You should take a look at your mothers, did your father have a land cruiser for her to date him? Or did he have to buy her a ka vitz?
I believe in humble beginnings and i think you should borrow a leaf. You should learn to never cross a bridge before you come to it.

I once had a chat with a well established army official who enjoys playing girls around and these were his concluding remarks “They know what they want and i also know what i want.”
Well from our chat i realised that if you are now 22, you’ll date this guy say for 6 years and may be have a kid. He will not be willing to introduce you to his wife and yet your age-mates who took their time to study their relationships will be getting married and having happy families.

So please my dear sisters be calm and enjoy the pocket money you get from your parents however little it may be, am sure they know what’s best for you.

So let me conclude by informing you that having sugar daddies is prostitution so if you do it you are not different from these girls you see paraded in wandegeya.

Yours faithfully,


About silwaxxy2013

Civil Engineer in the making, moved like a kite in the wind
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