Does the school matter?

With the P.7 selections out parents are very restless moving from school to school trying to secure a place for their beloved children.
But the question is “Does the school actually matter?”
Personally i managed to go to what people call ‘the first class schools’ but this was due to my grades not because my father was a well connected gentleman.
I believe when a child sits for those exams and he/she gets those grades, they’re his/hers.
So whichever good school you take him to, the grades won’t change.
In my P.3 i learnt that water always finds it’s own level so eventhough a smart chap goes to a not so good school he can perform better than a dense chap in a good school.
Since prevention is better than cure, i think parents should encourage their kids to study harder and get good grades instead of thinking that their fathers know the Headmaster of SMACK so he’ll get the place.
Since schools are opening today and campus is getting serious today, let me wish everyone a successful academic year.


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Civil Engineer in the making, moved like a kite in the wind
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