Primary School Memories

School is where i’ve spent nearly 90% of my life and i have many memories which am not afraid to share.

This is where life was the hardest. I remember my father leaving us there with my brother. I felt like a fish out of water.

We paid exhorbitanat amounts in fees only to be treated like slaves.
I believe this was to harden us. That’s why our deputy HM always said “A Savio boy” and we would reply “with a difference”.

You would wake up just to a cup of watered porridge and later wait for a ka bun for break. Lunch and supper was usually a slice of posho and scattered beans in sauce.
Wednesday evening was the best day of the week coz of mpuuta (some type of fish) in g.nuts and rice.
I was one of the lucky kids who would smuggle eats to the nurse’s place to supplement my miserable meals.

When it came to academics we were the epitome of success. This was hard earned coz you had to do exams thinking about the kiboko’s that would scar your ka butt in case you failed. There was an event called “arena” where the whole staff would stand in a line all holding bamboo sticks ready to imprint tattoos on you.

When you were in the lower classes wearing sandals was a myth coz older boys would take them.

Games were taken seriously and in case you managed to be in the football school team, you would be respected. I was in the school team as a striker but the coach would whip your ka ass in case you made a wrong pass or didn’t score a goal. On saturdays we would wake up at 5:30am and start training, and if you weren’t sweating by 7, you would face the wrath.

You may be reading this and thinking our parents were stupid but i can assure you that this was the best education i’ve ever received.
These days parents can even go to police in case their kid is caned by a teacher.

I think kids of these days are so pampered and this will catch up with them tomorrow.

My lecturer always says “Things are harder tomorrow, they are better done today” and this now makes sense because however hard a situation, i can’t quit because i’ve seen worse situations.

Be blessed


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