The Journey

“Be nice to everybody. You meet the same people going up as you meet going down” Ben Carson

This Easter season i decided to go to the village despite my busy schedule at campus.

So i boarded the bus en route to Mbarara. Feeling comfortable in my seat i saw this old mzee of above 65 years wearing an old cap, an old brown jacket and faded trousers and gum boots fumbling with buveeras trying to place them in the bus, as he was leaving for his next round, he accidentally grabbed my head.

I imagined why he would do such a thing to an innocent soul like me.

He immediately started apologizing for his action but i just told him it’s ok. After rounds of carrying his luggage, his seat number was next to mine.

He once again apologized and thanked me for the humility and calmness exhibited.

The bus then started the journey and this marked the start of a long conversation which is among the best i’ve had in a long time.

He expressed his disappointment by the youth behaviour nowadays. “Most kids now have something they call “swagg” and they think they are indomitable”.
I agreed with him on this topic because most kids just “swell” on their elders thinking that they own the world but that old man your ignoring may be the missing key you need when your door is locked.

He talked about the increase in youth taking drugs and how it has destroyed most of the young brains.

According to the baganda “obukadde magezi”, atleast i learnt that from my first 3 years of primary education, and this old man actually knew what he was talking about.

After the 4 hour journey he concluded with this statement “Honesty and humility do not cost you anything but they affect your blessings”.

Enjoy Easter


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