Best things in life are free

I heard that line from a ka song but i guess it summarised my whole weekend.
Most times, weekends are when people blow money like the mayans predicted their calendar correct. Well for me having a 4 digit amount in my pocket, i was destined to stay indoors all weekend but i was shocked how “money is not everything”.

Friday: Was an average day, as the evening got closer, i was looking foward to a ka dinner in some ka hostel in Kikoni…the main reason i go for these is for the food, babes and sometimes booze. I was so sure that after this dinner my weekend was done, but i was shocked (keep reading). The venue was welcoming and as i sat in the corner, a brown nyaru babe came and sat next. The conversation started but i was disappointed by how it had become a dialogue like on “tuwaye” where you interview a person or i had become another Pablo creating jokes for her to just smile at. This was not doing me any good so i concentrated on food and booze.
Food = 5
Babes= 6
Booze = 8

Saturday: The day was filled with reading but when the evening approached i dressed up for another dinner, it was in Katanga more specifically in one of those “posh” hostels, this time this was more legit as compared to the previous one. Good thing i arrived just in time for food. Food was the best and later we danced with some beautiful ones, though there was only wine for a few.
Food = 9
Babes= 8
Booze = 0

Sunday: Prayers, then reading though shit got boring and i resorted to playing FIFA….received a call for a drink-up. I never go anywhere on sundays but this time i had to try. Kikumi-kikumi was the place, and i had taken ages without visiting that dusty place. The welcome was good, but as the party continued more and more guys entered an this made me uncomfortable so i had to get an exit strategy to prepare for my coming busy week. Booze was ok and the cake was good,ladies were welcoming but their looks were not what one would call beautiful.
Food = 2
Babes= 4
Booze = 8

So that’s how a son of man spent 3 evenings in 3 different slums doing strictly 3 activities at a cost of Zero shillings.

Moral of the story: U should make more friends coz without them you are just a lonely and bored human being…..

“A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.” 
― William Shakespeare


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