What is with campus gals?

Am sure u thought i was going to narrate how some ka campuser broke my heart but that will be some other time.

So a certain weekend last semester i decided that i should take a break off books and go out. So i called a friend who later came with a swarm of babes, i knew this was going to be an awesome night.
I thought i had reached the end of the tunnel only to realise, it was a train coming.
We then headed off to some club in town, and entered like the so called celebrities since we had babes allover us.
  The babes then start dancing and we joined but suprisingly some of them had only come with transport money and since they were many, none of us was willing to make our wallets bleed.
  Some dudes approached them but they just unleashed swagg.
  An hour later, they sat in the sofas and started looking at how good the club was designed.
  Moments later they started dosing and after they wanted to go out for fresh air.
  Am no party animal but once i go out, i utilise every second so these human beings were not going to make my night any miserable.
   Time then flew and it was time to go to our beds.
   We woke them up and their faces were full of misery, this guy pushed them back to their residences.

  This made me wonder why they just didn’t stay in their beds? Were they looking for some celebrities like Gravity Omutujju,Diamond Oscar or Coco ginger and they didn’t appear?

  I just came to a conclusion that these girls just want to live ideal lives which they can’t afford and don’t enjoy.
  Peer pressure is the root cause of all this and my advice is you just live your life and quit impressing others.

Be blessed


About silwaxxy2013

Civil Engineer in the making, moved like a kite in the wind
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