Fresher’s manual

Just before u enter that great university, there are some things you need to know about that life you think you are going to enjoy.

1. You have to read: Yes the freedom is there but u don’t want to have retakes in your first semester. Calculate your time and balance .
That was the lightest, ebilala

2.Don’t ever think you are cool: You are a FRESHER and those are the silliest and most uninformed guys at campus so keep that in your brain when talking to a guy in a higher year.

3. Stop bragging that you know guys in higher years: All they want is to have sex with you, yet u are there thinking that the guy loves you. There is no love at campus.
And you should know that guys talk so u will have sex with a group of them only to realise that they are friends, then u will be dubbed a WHORE!!

4. You guys are a pain in the ass: Stop asking for directions from strangers, get a google map app.
You will ask a guy who has just checked his results and he has retakes then he will punch you in the face or kick you in the balls.

5. Leave your bu high school girlfriends: Campus is all about money, if you can’t finance a babe, leave her and stick to your left hand.
Babes there need facilitation like hair, good food and going to the beach. If u can’t afford that stay the fuck away from them.

6. Don’t think you will be a great and famous guy: The university is so big so quit trying to be the famous guy, unless you want people to kick your jaws out.

This wasn’t to threaten u but to show you that campus is not what you think it is.

Be blessed


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Civil Engineer in the making, moved like a kite in the wind
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