As a guy who loves sports, there is something i need to rant about.
No, it’s not some girl who threw me “ice”, nor is it MTN‘s shitty internet, you pretenders.

Ever since i was a kid, no one sat me down and taught me football, i taught myself.
Watching matches both on Tv and during school competitions.
I recall playing dodge & score and i also played a couple of matches, though now the talent is hidden in a box under my bed.

My knowledge with sports didn’t end with football. It extends to basketball, F.1, tennis and rugby.
I can make certain suggestions about a player or a team but i think i have a point most of the time.

Now to my problem……

There are fake fans who have the audacity to post a facebook status or a tweet cheering for the team they want to win or claiming a certain team is fake.

A fake fan is someone who has a sports opinion that is flat out stupid or irrational.

I never enjoy following crowds or chasing down what is popular in society because that is what fake people do.
They don’t really know why they are cheering, they just know that that it’s “cool”.
For example I don’t know anything about cricket, therefore i don’t go around talking like i support any team in cricket.
You keep saying “this team is good and i love it”, please back that statement up with some stats, name some players, or name the manager.

I think the Super Bowl might be the worst cause of fake fandom in the whole world. People watch it to be part of a gang.

If u really love a sport, take some time and learn about it, if you choose not to, that is fine as long as you keep your uninformed opinion to yourself.

Note: the writer is not an Arsenal fan

Be blessed


About silwaxxy2013

Civil Engineer in the making, moved like a kite in the wind
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