The Traditional Gentleman

This is a specie that has become extint. I know ladies have wondered where he went, but keep looking, a few of us still exist.

I always get a cold shiver when i see men who spend 45 minutes in the shower,don earrings and apply makeup.
Men of this generation have become well groomed and think that wearing skinny jeans or wearing pink shirts is something stylish
This is the new “feminised” man.
The man who doesn’t complain when the wife goes out for a whole night clubbing with the “gals”.
He does domestic chores without feeling a boob growing on him.
But he is a coward, he is insecure. He can’t stand a fight in a pub once a drunk guy taps his lady’s ass.
He is so weak to roles traditionally assigned to the male generation.

Ladies are asking where the testerone driven men went, no wonder rugby club is always flooded with hot single girls.

Well the gentleman is still in the cave while modernity has swept all the masculine pride that for long defined the traditional gentleman.
He has improved with time, but the machismo is still very raw.
He shaves when he wants, the wardrobe is updated but no funny tight jeans.
He has astounding table manners and always knows how to communicate with the ladies.

Many men have resorted to body lotions and hair shampoos (look at Sematimba), this man hasn’t even thought of a movit product.

Irrespective of his highly paying job or rich academis status, he will stop by the roadside, greet the guy making rolexes not minding whether he has a faded shirt or a torn trouser. The guy calls him “Boss”.
The good educational background has humbled him and it should to everyone.

He’s never moved by the newly gained female power. He never has issues with women, he respects them for what they are.

He is a Mr.Fixer, anything electrical or plumbing, he will fix it instantly.
When it comes to drinking, he takes the hard and sour brands of beer. After drinking, the car always knows the way home not forgetting he drives manual big cars.

He is composed, humble and self-confident person who is in charge of his destiny.
He never moves with crowds, he supports one team since his childhood and will support it no matter how it performs.
At home he watches discovery channel and news channels, no time for following the Kardashians.
When it comes to relationships, he doesn’t cheat, he is honest and straight to the point. He is good at romance, knows the right music to play, the best wine for a given situation and how to “treat” a lady.
He is never friendzoned, if you are not in a relationship then don’t bother calling him.

These men are still there with an animalistic instinct that makes men warriors.


About silwaxxy2013

Civil Engineer in the making, moved like a kite in the wind
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