Growing old

Now that i am about to reach that age where life is going to get serious, i just want to acquire wealth like other people, some houses, a farm, some commercial buildngs, some children and some life like everyone else.
But am not sure how long i want to live.

Maybe if i acquire that money, then I can have something to live longer for.
I have always been afraid of getting really old. I think old people really suffer.

Some regret not having lived a better life, others wish someone had told them how to live life effectively.
The part am really afraid of is the helplessness part. The being dependent again. I wonder what it would be of me. When you see an old person bending as they walk, it’s not that they have been so old, it’s that they have been so hungry that they just had to fold themselves (forgive my lame thinking).

I have observed old folk. And especially from the part of my country where I come from, I don’t like the picture.
Especially if you had an average life as an active adult, you are likely to suffer to death. I have seen old people faking sickness so that they can get some attention from their sons who are abroad or working in town.

Refusing to eat or get treatment so that they can just die. And for some reason those stubborn ones really live long.

When I visit my grandparents, I see it in them. They are lucky we still love them, but I know we are never enough. I admire them when we have all gathered as a big happy family. But that happens once in decade.

If I will grow really old, I want to be independent. To be able to take care of myself and my aging wife. To know that we can hack together no matter what. Having minimal expectations from our kids and grandkids. And knowing that, this busy life will only allow them a once an year visit and that will have to be enough.

If I really grow old, I want to be happy, to be productive. Not like those politicians who deny the young ones a chance (those ones really irritate me), No, like one who inspires and speaks wisdom.

If I grow really old, I want to have a young soul and a renewed spirit. I want to have hobbies like playing golf that will keep me thinking and laughing.
I want to keep blogging or whatever will be going on at that time as part fo sharing life with others.
I want to attract people to myself. To be relevant.  To know that I lived well and I am still living well and that I have the ability to finish my assignment.

If I grow really old, I want to be happy I had a long life to live.


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Civil Engineer in the making, moved like a kite in the wind
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