10 people I despise

Sometimes you see them when you move around town or even where you stay.
There are those people who just exasperate you to the last nerve.
If you follow in any of these categorie, then yes i despise you.

10. If you still think flip phones are the best thing that happened to phone technology: Personally i loved these phones, when you end a phone conversation just close it like a bawss.
But things have changed in case you were hiding under a rock for all this time.
Ok i have no time to hate those who use chinese phones.

9. Men who wear skinny jeans (Eddy Kenzo’s pants).
Like seriously do you people have your man cards? Those things look so ugly and they come in funny colours like yellow.

8. Those who think Miley Cyrus is cool.
Ok in case you didn’t watch the just concluded MTV VMAs 2013 performance. She ignited moral outrage after she slipped into a flesh-coloured plastic attire and performed a duet with Robin Thicke. Ok to cut the story short, she was like a hooker performing on a live sex show.
Ok if you think this is cool, then you need to get your head checked.


7. Men who bring their ladies on a boys night out.
These are a disgrace to humanity, ok we get you have an insecure bitch who can’t let his man go out but seriously on a boys night out??
How shall we discuss men issues if there is a girl busy taking notes to go and lecture her female friends.

6. People who think Jessica Alba is not the hottest thing ever.
Ok since i was born, Jessica Alba’s face is one of those which remind me that the beautiful ones were born.
So if you think she is over-rated, then visit the nearest eye clinic.

5. People who leave toilets unflushed:
None of us has ever desired to use a public restroom but seriously leaving it unflushed? Ok i know water has to first fill the cistern but please be patient, arsenal fans are still waiting for a trophy after many years, so you can wait for those 15 minutes.

4. Men who don’t respect women:
As a gentleman you need to respect a lady at all times, whether she is your wife, sister or just a friend.
Those who argue with women and shamelessly criticize their weight or any other biological traits.
If you don’t like her, simple, dump her. Some guy just around the corner will treat her like a queen (am always in that corner).
Like macklemore said “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

3. Men who hit on anything wearing a skirt:
I understand we all get the dry spell but some men take horn to another level. Ranging from waitresses, house girls to women who sell muchomo via the roadside, these guys spare nothing.

2. Ladies who tweet about football just to get attention from guys:
Some ladies know more football than me, yes i admit it but there are those who know nothing about football but keep talking about it, please stick to E!. How can you get married to these, they will forge orgasms and make false moans.

And the mother of all
1. Savedees who claim that alcohol is bad yet they have sex like rabbits:
Now these are just bloody pretenders (wankers). How do you tell me that alcohol is graver than fornication, you people deserve a first class ticket to hell.

These were views of the reader and are not to be taken seriously.

Be blessed


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Civil Engineer in the making, moved like a kite in the wind
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