why we should be worried

On monday morning, i decided to pay one of my sick relatives a visit in one of the hospitals in town.
On my way in, i saw an old couple walking out, the man was holding the wife’s handbag and some documents in a file. The wife who looked sick, was slowly following him with a walking stick.
I paused for a moment, watched them cross the road and wait for a taxi at the stage.
This was the shortest love story i had ever watched and trust me it was better than twilight.

We live in a time where such moments are hard to come by so when you see one, embrace them.

This moment pondered me to compare it with our current marriages.
Marriages those days was about how two people bonded together, it wasn’t perfect but it enabled a man and woman maximise their survival potential.

It wasn’t a time where a conflict meant coming home 20 minutes late because you were having some few beers, this was a time where at any moment you could be attacked by a wild animal or die of a strange disease. Life was something not to be taken lightly.

Technology has changed everything.
We no longer need someone to wash our clothes, washing machines will do that. Women no longer need protection from any problems of the past, security guards are everywhere.

For women, survival isn’t really dependent on a man. Most women would rather have a man for the money since the law now gives tons of advantage and support in case she decides to divorce.

Men now need to wake up since the mating strategy of support and their ability to woo women using money is long forgotten.
The game has now been spiced by prostitution and this allows us to trade women using money ( which some of us own in plenty) for whatever we desire in women minus the effort game, bitching and the nagging.
For those who refer to adapt, some village girls are still green so you can get the village belle and she will take you as a breaking glass.

Technology has simplified things do you can now get sex toys, love pillows, and real dolls so you can satisfy yourself behind closed doors.

But to cut the long story short, one has to choose what works for you for the survival of your happiness.
The ball (i mean the real ball) is in your coat.


About silwaxxy2013

Civil Engineer in the making, moved like a kite in the wind
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