Woes of a campus guy

In our day to day lives, we receive numerous calls, some about deals involving money, others inviting you for drink-ups but then there is the pregnancy call.

It is that call that you get in the middle of the semester and you have Shs 5,000/= in your pocket and 10,000/= on mobile money. The call comes when you have a test in the next two days.

Kakande had just met this fresher and like all the freshers, she wanted the cherry to be popped.

The call came like this;
FRESHER: Hey, how are you? (in a low tone)
KAKANDE: Hello darling, your voice is so low, what could be the problem? (very confident that she was trying to get another taste of his arsenal)
FRESHER: No, nothing much. I just know that around this week i normally get my periods but they are not coming.
KAKANDE: (starts panting as he looks for something to say) Are you serious? May be they decided to change the schedule. But we used a CD, remember?
FRESHER: Me i was so drunk, i don’t remember anything, but are you sure you wore it properly?
KAKANDE: Am sure i wore it properly, but let me see what i can do about it.

Kakande and the fresher had taken bond 7 on that fateful night and she got so drunk but him being the strategist he was,  decided not to take as much and later unleashed his manhood into the half-dead girl.

Deep inside him, he was proud that he was fertile. On the other hand he was skeptical whether he was the only bull in the krall because girls of these days give anyone who buys them “siminoff”.

Kakande then presented his issue to “the boys”. These ones just laughed it off thinking it was a joke but not Musiitwa who had been in a similar situation. He advised him to try abortion because there was no way these two were going to afford a baby.

I had never seen a friend in soo much pain but we waited for the final verdict since he was to meet the fresher at the end of the week.

Thank Lord when they met on friday she was experiencing the signs.

After that point my friend Kakande decided to stay away from sex till further notice.

Ok that said, our dear sisters i know these days you are more afraid of pregnancy than AIDS but like seriously, what type of mothers and wives does our future hold?


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