The short time i lived alone

For the first 20 and something years of my life, i’ve always lived with someone, either it be my family or roommate.
While you may get used to these people, there are those traits you just can’t expose because general etiquette doesn’t affirm (please don’t think of wanking).

However once you live alone, these rules are long forgotten.

4 months ago, i got some work to do for a company and i had to stay alone in an apartment for the short time i was there.
Living alone is one of the most tasking things you can do.

But one of the things i did when i always entered the apartment was to take off my pants. I’d always imagine the apartment as some sort of pants-free utopia.

Don’t get scared but when you are alone and in your boxers, that is a comfortable feeling. It’s definately a privilege you get for living alone.

You tend to learn alot about yourself once you start to live alone over the time you are there.

There is a realization of self-reliance while you are in that “cave”. When you get hungry, no one is there to help you so you make yourself something to eat.

But there would be only two reasons why i would clean the apartment, first because the owners were visiting and secondly when a female decided to pay me a visit (and i mean a visit only).

It was an incredibly jarring experience, and honestly being alone with your thoughts, your emotions, your tears (for the ladies incase of a break-up), for a greater part of the day was a pretty sobering experience.

I have to admit that time really forced me to grow up, i would do some exercises just to keep in shape something i never think of when am with a roommate.

Cooking had to come in handy, ladies i guess i now have an added advantage, not so? Though at first the food was shitty, as time passed, it was perfected.

The greatest i learnt was to be brutally honest with myself. I didn’t have to deal with anyone’s problems.

At the end of the day when you look at yourself in the mirror, you are looking at yourself in the eyes. Whatever happens, sad or happy, you have yourself to answer to. This has given me a sense of personal justification and made me a more complete person.

It has made me more accountable for the person i am and the person i want to be.

I now look foward to the next time i’ll have a pant-free life.


About silwaxxy2013

Civil Engineer in the making, moved like a kite in the wind
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