Is Chivalry still relevant?

Saturday was spent at her hostel, it was one of the longest speeches i have ever paid attention to.
Sandra is one of those girls i met a year ago and really liked but i thought it was time my “Mr.Nice” attitude yielded me something.

I really like you Silver, i really do. You are so nice and sweet, and you listen to all my problems and respond with appropriate compliments. But well, i don’t really see a relationship in our future. It would be terrible if we let sex destroy our great friendship where i get everything i want and you get nothing in return, don’t you think? ( i just gave that awe feeling and smiled) I knew you would understand, you always do.
We are so perfect as friends, you know?

If we started dating it would complicate this wonderful setup we have going on here.
I think we are destined to be really,really good friends who only hang out when i don’t have a boyfriend, but stil need male attention to boost my fragile ego.
Anything can happen when you bring romance in. Think about how awful my last relatiomship was at the end, remember? The guy i’d call you  crying about 10 times a day because he wouldn’t answer my texts?
The guy i met at your uncle’s wedding you took me to? I had insanely passionate sex with him for 4 months and now we never talk anymore!
God i would hang myself if something like that ever happens to us.

It’s not like i don’t like you infact you are a funny, smart and intelligent guy, any girl but me would be lucky to have you. You will find someone, i know it.
And when you do, i’ll be right by your side to suddenly become all flirty and affectionate with you infront of her, until she grows jealous and won’t believe when you say we are just friends.
But when she dumps you, we shall be just that, FRIENDS.

Comrades if it were you, would you be nice to any girl after being thrown such a speech?



About silwaxxy2013

Civil Engineer in the making, moved like a kite in the wind
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