The curious case of the Good, the fast and the yucky

Throught any woman’s life, she sleeps with a whole bunch of different men for reasons best known to themselves. For most of our dear campus girls, it’s basically to top up their tuition fees, cover their expensive hostel fees and keep up with their lavish lifestyle.
For the older ones, it’s sometimes for the adventure since he has nice muscles or to win him over some slut who is giving it at a lower price. Or she may just want to cheat on the husband like this babe below

Anyway today I reveal the types of sex partners we men can make in bed, feel free to tick those you have already met or who you are for the case of men.

1. The 1900’s Stallion
Graceful, strong and charming is what defines him. He is hung like those horses used in Django and performs like them too. You knew from the day you saw him that he would literally blow you away. You craved for the day he’d come to your “town” for the “local race” and when he finally did, your satisfaction reached a point of satiety.
He came as a guest performer, blew your mind away and left you begging for more. He then of course moved on to perform at the next town and you will never see him again.

2. The Wandegeya Mechanic
You really don’t know how to handle this one. He bugs you over and over again and when you finally give in, he just sort of “checks the oil level” and gets out. Just like a dip stick. He just wants to get in and retires soon after having checked the depth of oil. He is not impotent but he just can’t go for more than a minute before withdrawing. These are the type that leave you wondering whether there was something physically wrong (wide) with your hu-ha. It’s not you honey, its them . Forget the loser and move on.

3. The Kamasutra master
He is the ultimate lay; one who drives you into frenzy with pleasure everytime he has a go at you. He is very rare and he is not for everyone. And if you have him, you have to work very hard to keep him because if you don’t, he will be gone and chances are high that you won’t get another like him mayb in your after life when you return as a cougar.

4. The Ugandan politician
For this one, during seduction, he promises heaven. He will have a long talk in praise of the mystical lands and the magical colours you will experience when he finally takes you to bed. When he gets to the promised land, you will realise that the much acclaimed 10 inch was actually a lame gecko bending downwards.

5. The Chinese Construction worker
This one works very hard. The biggest error you made was getting him started. He will work you so hard that you may actually pray that someone comes and knocks at the door, just so he can stop. Chances are high that you will sleep at one point but like you know the chinese, they work harder when people are asleep. Therefore don’t be shocked if you wake up and where you left a narrow path is now a class 1 highway.

6. The Asst. Lab Technician
This one has been a lot of redpepper and watching too much porn and he has finally landed in the laboratory. He will endeavor to try all the ridiculous styles on you. Don’t be shocked if you find your left leg on the coffee table, the right on the TV and one boob hanging off the music system. Just be scared of this one, he may leave you lame for some good days.

7. The Panter
The moment the action begins, he starts panting like a fat guy pulling a 100 litre drum full of water up the kabale hills. He can blow off your weave at one go. At that level of panting, if his breath is foul, it will smell like skunks that are having a farting workshop in his mouth and you my dear will be in the direct firing line.

Be blessed


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