One of those things sex gets into

I remember the first time i danced with a girl, it was way back in primary school. It was an overwhelming cacophony as the song reached it’s cusp. The song was one of these “This I promise you”, “I don’t wanna miss a thing” or “brown eyes “.

These songs established a permanent effect on me because i recall those memories when they are played today.
Due to my shyness (which i still have) i danced with her at an arms distance with me holding her waist (hips hadn’t developed) and her hands on my shoulders.
Ah, the next day i fell in a ditch of young love and romance, reminiscing about how i was going to get married to her, stupid hormones!!
There was that initial awkward silence and averting our gazes, i remember cracking a joke about her fitting dress just to relieve the tension.
Sarcasm and humour have always helped me avert my shy traits towards girls but that is another story.

As I get older, my arms have started to bend lower and more inwards, so that it doesn’t look like 2 robots are programmed to move along a rhythm. Thanks to Konshens and his fellow bunch of jamaicans who have introduced their music which just involves dubbing.

But my slow dance is now reserved for wedding days and executive dinners (u don’t attend these if you are not 50 and you had a good educational background).

The problem of being an adult is that sex gets into a lot of things. It’s confused with intimacy and intimacy confused with sex, and it all becomes a mess (katogo).
I wish people did a slow dance as foreplay because there is something pure and ideal about it. There is no pretence, no energy required, no complication, you simply have to be together.
Being together in a moment of time, solely focused on your partner. It’s a beautiful thing and i think in my early days i didn’t comprehend how wonderful it was.
Just being with someone with no patience, no expectation, just being you two.

“And everything comes to one, as we dance on, dance on, dance on” Theodore Roethke


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Civil Engineer in the making, moved like a kite in the wind
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