Anchor That Coffee Date

“Coffee- the favourite drink for the civilized world” Thomas Jefferson

When you meet a nice looking lady at a function, you ought to end the conversation with the “Can we do coffee sometime next week?”. See the magic with coffee dates is that they are casual and you get to know the person in and out without alcohol blurring your vision.

But after that coffee date, the road is divided between those who actually get laid or get into a relationship and those who just get themselves friendzoned.

Friendzoning is among the worst inventions in modern dating, it’s up there alongside skinny jeans and scented condoms. There as many friendzoned human beings as the entire chinese populace.

To avoid this…..

1. Don’t allow her to finger her phone more than she talks to you.
Always ensure she doesn’t revert to her phone to tweet, facebook or play flappy bird at the first date. She can take a minute to pick up a call or reply a whatsapp text. But if she buries her eyes in that screen to discuss with her friends how a certain Joan changed to a funny hairstyle, she is either silly or you need to attend those comedy shows to pick up some few jokes.
Thing is, at the first date, let her do the talking because ladies like to talk and we are supposed to do the listening and judging.


2. Be Jokingly Serious
Women hate men who use straight like language when attacking matters of sex, you will hear something like “that escalated quickly”.
Definately credit will go to a man who can jump to bed with a girl on the first date. But women want us to notice their brains before we notice their bodies.
Men perceive women from 3 consistent angles.
For the average or less attractive, we look at her as our sister to rid our mind of any sexual correlations.
For the above average and curvaceous, well we calculate if we can wank to that.
But those beautiful and seemingly beyond our reach, we cut our losses or just friendzone ourselves before she does.
So for a man, you need to show your intentions from the word GO. Talk about her cleavage, her ass, her hips or her beamy face. Try to push the buttons harder by becoming a little crude but fall back if she doesn’t like it. The trick is to loosen her up and make her imagine you two between the sheets.

3. Fix everything on that first date.
Ensure that by the second date, you know where you stand. See women can use all sorts of words to describe you to her friends, “we are just dating”, “am seeing him”, “he’s one of my best guy friends” or the mighty “he’s my boyfriend”.
So you need to know which category you belong to before that second date then see if you can save that money for the next issue of FIFA.
Women are good at noticing generosity, so if she sees it in you, she can just come for the second date to drink your expresso or enjoy that lavish dinner. Always let her know your intentions, if you plan to date her or you just want an easy lay and disappear. So don’t go for the second date with the air still clouded.

So go out there and ace that coffee date


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