The Valentine Date Decorum

The day has arrived that all lovers were waiting for. Well for the gentlemen, this is a time to get that ATM card to zero or borrow money from that loaded friend of yours and wait to pay at month end.
I have to admit i’ve had my share of dates but most times am not impressed with the way my fellow guys treat their ladies and also their table manners.

In my education, i have learned a bit of manners for a gentleman as well as manners which to exhibit at that candle lit dinner.
So today, i have some etiquette tips which can help you awe that beautiful girl and probably get coitus at the end of the evening.

Sitting Down To A Meal
At any function, it’s always a wow-factor when you pull out a chair for your date. When approaching the table, pull out a chair and make eye contact to indicate that it’s her seat.
When she stands infront of the chair, slowly push it foward so that it makes contact with the back of her knees, and continue to push slowly as she slowly sits down (the constant factor is that she knows these things).
Only take your seat after the lady is seated at the table.
In case your budget can afford wine, always pour for the lady first.
Remember to keep your elbows off the table.

Unlike other places where there is a wide array of silverware, in most Ugandan restaurants and hangouts it’s always a spoon, knife and a fork. So it’s easier to figure that out.

Do not start eating until everyone at the table has been served, it’s good manners and it’s kind to the person whose meal is taking a bit longer to reach the table.
Go slow on your meal, there is no need to finish before she’s hardly halfway. It gives a better experience if you eat slowly, you can savor the flavours of your meal and really get the full experience.

Forgo the toothpick
In most restaurants i go to, most people walk out with the tooth pick to prove to the universe that they ate meat.
For this date, it will be good if you leave those village antics in your wardrobe and leave those toothpick at the table.

So now that all has been said, get your jazz polished and impress someone’s daughter so that tomorrow morning you will be celebrating like the guys below.


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