A case of men shedding tears


Ok every man with 2 balls in no circumstance is he allowed to cry but there is a reason why God gave us those teary glands and we only put them to use in very few scenarios. Take a look…..

After that first heart-break
You have been dating her since childhood suddenly she comes up with a silly excuse “we were too close to eachother, i treasure the friendship” and dumps you……..(wait for it)……for your bestfriend………on the phone…and…….on your birthday!!!
This explains why most of us go on to have serial relationships in which we exhibit little or no senstivity as we try to shield our emotions from undergoing futher shredding.

Your football club performs badly
This goes out to my friends who support that team with a red shirt, in most cases you find their eyes blood-shot.
The team you have been a diehard for all this time decides to take a losing streak and it stands no chance of winning the league tittle.

At the wedding day
Ok we Ugandans take weddings to a whole new level, buying cars for the mother and father, smartphones for her brothers and sisters.
Then you later realise that your wife had a sister who is way out of her league in beauty. She managed to only appear at the wedding. Questions like “Will I be able to act normal when she comes to pay a visit?” will arise. And you ask why we cheat?

When you take a hit in the genitals
Men who make inappriate moves to women end up being kicked in the balls.
A study revealed that this pain is equivalent to giving birth to decuplets and breaking up all the bones in your body at a go.
It’s like an electrical surge that starts from the bowels and replicates itself into a spine and then the entire body in a matter of seconds.

And the most joyous of them all….

When you hold your first child
When a man sees a mini- version of himself, there is something that just melts our hearts and unconsiously turns on the tear works. When a father and child first encounter, they both cry in varying degrees.
Am waiting patiently for that moment when i’ll shed tears of joy.

“Crying doesn’t mean a person is weak, but it means a person has a heart.” Abhishek Tiwan


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