An encounter with passable looking women

A day before women’s day, i was seated next to a 70 year old professor watching UBC and he asked me why we men don’t have our day….i still ask myself this question.
Anyway I appreciate that you exist and you are the reason why men exist.

In my few years of living, i have met numerous categories of women, some proved out of my league, some just fell in love with my sarcasm and humour.
I have also had my share of dating, some were average looking, atleast the world is full of them.

Due to their highest percentage in existance, we have to deal with them more often. But one thing i’ve learnt is that some can prove hard to get when they are hard to want.
Act hard to get if you look like this lady below

I have to give credit to their body parts. The most curvaceous body i have ever seen belonged to an average looking lady. The best boobs i have ever laid my eyes on, she had mild looks.
Studies have proved that they leash out the best performance in bed. All this can be summarised in a phenomenon called “Nature’s balancing act”.

These women are strict and demanding. If you thought a beautiful woman obsessed with her beauty was the most horrible, then you haven’t met a nagging average babe. Have you noticed that average chicks are more likely to call you all sweet nothings as soon as the first round of coitus is done?

Average chicks have tendencies of leaving behind their panties, necklaces, earrings and other smaller items just to establish her territory. In the same sense they are the best detectors if another chick was in her territory…they can even locate a strand of hair on the carpet (i don’t know why Uganda has taken this long to create a forensic unit).

Average looking women always want complete assurance before you “visit” the land of milk and honey.
You must go through the vigorous courtship rituals; take her to those coffee dates, dinner, nandos pizza and random gifts in order to take her to the end of the “road”.
The preconditions you must first go through are nerve wracking and most men give up pretty fast, because they are not worth the hustle.

It’s understandable that all these demands are to show whether you are truly dedicated but in this era of cheap and casual sex, there is still a bunch of average chicks still under the illusion that relationships are tenable.

Average looking women should learn how to cut the coat according to it’s length and stop exaggerating their looks and all aspects in the game of seduction.
The selfish desire of the man is always to low-key his testerone levels and that’s it.
Your selfish desire is to habour him for the rest of his life.
So both of you must be able to get a point of intersection.

Men like all politicians in Uganda know how to measure their words in order to get laid. The best way to measure a man’s commitment is after the first encounter, if he comes back for more, you can be sure he was impressed.

I think if you look passable, it’s better you don’t set your bar high, those senseless demands can be costly and hence scare away your MR. RIGHT.


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Civil Engineer in the making, moved like a kite in the wind
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