Getting Away With It

  The argument has gone on for centuries, who is smarter at the game of cheating. But in most cases it ends with “men are too stupid to get away with things because women are smarter” something that doesn’t go down well with alpha males.
Truth is that some males haven’t mastered the art of cheating and always get caught when they attempt it.
Some women outsmart guys but you just can’t outsmart a man. Most men will probably master the art of cheating, but for those young guys, kep scrolling……

Rule 1
Don’t be reckless
One thing i like about cats is that I never see their poop (i hate them anyway), so if you are to do it, keep it clean and neat.
Don’t raise suspicions, things like going home late, smelling cheap toilet soap, claiming you are still catching a beer with your friends yet actually she knows all your friends.
It must be well planned and calculated to the last inch. You can watch movies like the Italian Job or read the Art of War so that at the end of your cheating encounter, she will love you more.

Rule 2
Don’t eat any food served
It is said that no matter the economy of the jungle, a lion doesn’t eat grass, it’s not pride but that’s nature.
When you are in a relationship, all types of women will want a piece of what she’s having. Since you are not accustomed to all their genitalia, and it’s always tempting, it’s time you only enjoy those which pass the litmus test. If that side chick looks uglier than your woman, just swerve. But if she is way above your main chick, go for that prize, the main chick will understand the situation and forgive you.

Rule 3
Be truthful
The first thing you should do is tell that side chick that you are in a relationship. Lying to that side chick will put you in a situation where you have to always lie to your main and at one point, the stories will not match up and you will be up for interrogation.
Create truthful stories and if you ever get a chance of leaving work early, go eat that muchomo and be in time for dinner.

Rule 4
Jump out when you smell smoke
If the side chick starts threatening you on how she will tell the main about your encounter…..GHOST!!
Ghosting is an act where you delete all information and leave no trace whatsoever. After tell your main chick how some babe is stalking you. So learn how to leave no traces, just like a bank robber, no finger prints or even hair follicles.

Rule 5
Never have feelings
Never fall for the side chick. Learn when to run. If her meat starts tasting better, stop having second thoughts about leaving the main chick…..if you do, she will detect it. Always end it and never go back, just like a dog which has hurled food no matter how good it tasted.

All in all you need a master plan and take your time, you can even copy Scoffield’s plan of a tattoo to guide you through the game otherwise you will end up like Leonardo.



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2 Responses to Getting Away With It

  1. marvinUG says:

    Haha crazy but factual advice there…..looks like your have some expert experience in this hehe.


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