Of Exposed Bosoms, Hugs and Kampala Women

“Some people think having large breasts makes a woman stupid. Actually, it’s quite the opposite, a woman having large breasts makes men stupid.” Rita Rudner

I have to admit everytime i see a muslim babe wearing that long attire, many thoughts run through my mind. I believe it’s something strongly attached to the mystery that is brought about by their fully covered bodies.
Sometimes we see tempting curves beneath but we let it pass and if any of my peers lays one, it comes with a standing ovation.
All respect to the muslim faith for keeping it real as much as possible because they have inculcated good morals in their women. On the other side of the coin, christian women have lost it save for a handful.

When you take a walk along these Kampala streets, there is so much cleavage on display. Boobs have become mainstream, and it’s no longer that item that men would look foward to see between the sheets.

I wonder who is putting these women on pressure to reveal their cleavage unreservedly. Maybe it’s twitter’s #TittyTuesday or Instagram where they will gain a shit load of likes and as a result many followers.

In the few years i have been in Kampala, i’ve seen so many boobs to last me a life-time. I think bras followed the route half petties paved.
The entire breasts are all out there and you can see them without trying so hard. In a taxi, at the stage, at mama Bena’s kafunda, name it.

Boobs were not part of fashion till Hollywood opened the floodgates of perversion to levels only God can measure. The young and old started suckling and it was added as one of the must-do’s for effective foreplay.

Our great grandfathers never knew the hidden erotic treasure in boobs and according to my P.5 SST teacher, most of the tribes in the northern region, women didn’t cover their breasts and men drolling at them was unheard of. This was because breasts had only one primary purpose, brest feeding.

Nowadays women know that exposing boobs adds a few points to their final score. Hips, a well curved bottom and well exposed cleavage will get men ogling and for the not-so good looking ones, it will divert a guy’s attention from the face to the cleavage.
The downside of it is that they dont realise they are de-sexualising us. They think they are turning us on by looking that way but for a well learned man, it’s just an illusion and he’ll first have a descent conversation with you to establish if you are worth a long term relationship.
But when a man sees a neatly dressed lady, he will hold a higher opinion of her and ideas like buying her drinks to make her so drunk and do the necessary won’t arise.

This is another issue that abrades me…Hugs. Women of late just shove their boobs on us. The first time i received a hug was in high school from my life time crush, Annet. I won’t say much but it was memorable.
I remember keeping that shirt with her perfume for a whole term. Ok back to the topic, No man wants to walk around with a girl who is hugging all and sundry.
It’s ok if you offer a normal hug but the other deep hug should be left for only family members and your boyfriend.
Women have made deep hugs mainstream and i no longer have to keep that shirt for that long.
All in all that deep warm hug should be reserved for those who earn it.

Men have been gradually exposed to these two private issues and when they see them in private, they no longer arouse the sexual desire they initially had. So future wife, keep the cleavage intact and offer distance hugs like this one below


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4 Responses to Of Exposed Bosoms, Hugs and Kampala Women

  1. liz says:

    Well said…
    *covers up*


  2. Haliimah Umar says:

    I really loved this blog.Its so on point.Really an applause to the Muslim ladies who cover up.They deserve all the respect.
    I wonder whether you are of this generation coz your way of understanding is a bit extra ordinary.


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