The Code Cracked

I have in the past been accused of being rather draconian in my thinking by the ladies. I have been accused of being a man stranded in our fore-fathers’ days but I stil stick to it.

A few weeks back I went to visit a cousin in one of those rentals around town and good enough she was in the company of her cute roommate.
As soon as I entered, the roomie bombarded the question “Why is it that when a man sleeps around he is declared a hero and when a woman sleeps around, a harlot (she actually said whore)?”
To be honest she had never struck me as a lady with a thinking mind but I was pretty sure someone dubbed her a whore. Ok littro girl it’s time I gave you some of my interesting stories… on.

Back in my awesome primary school, I used to have a ka padlock called viro. I think it might have been donated by my grand-pa. I don’t know whether you were born by then. It was hollow-like and you would hit it with anything solid for it to open. I became that kid who never used to carry keys around on key holders because I knew my neighbour’s key or my shoe would open it. Soon the poor padlock became weaker and weaker to an extent where I would just pull it and voila…it opens. I never used to get scared of my stuff being stolen because no grab was allowed.

There were those smart chaps who would smuggle grab into their cases and Kaboido was always at the grab’s rescue with his Master key. Everyone wanted to have a look at that master key but he couldn’t let us till when it was confiscated.

Now I hope you don’t think am telling you a bed time story, here’s where the cookie crumbles….

When you have a key that opens everywhere like Kaboido’s, that master key should be used to open as many padlocks as possible. Be it bank vaults or safes, we will honour your key.

However if you have a padlock that is opened easily by any key, let’s face it… has no value. It’s only useful when you are keeping invaluables like old newspapers and dyed out clothes or in case of an emergency when the Solex is lost.

But you can’t use that padlock as a permanent solution in case of a tempolary solution, you will suffer the humiliation of your padlock being opened by even the smallest of keys or even a stick!!!

Ok here the code goes…….A man is a lot like the key. If a key opens many padlocks, it’s a master key and we’ll derive admiration from it. Men according to Darwin’s evolution of humans were engineered to thrust in, turn and out we go in as many padlocks as possible.

It is the duty of the woman to ensure that as fewer keys as possible turn her padlock. The padlock’s worth is directly attributed to the number of keys out there that can open it. The fewer the keys, the higher we shall value it. So littro girl have a solex and not a chinese one.


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  1. Yes my boy, pretty clean analysis right there!


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