Save the First Dance

There’s a good friend of mine who asked me to write this blog 4 months ago. Well, after much dedication I managed to come up with this;

I remember my first dance—
the first embrace we were both unsure where to place our hands and I remember slowly feeling my fingers pressing into her flesh and the tickle of her hand softly crawling into my palm.
I felt her hand against mine, the squeeze, the pressure it was intense before i moved foward and my body pressed hers.
She then pulled away, thanked me (i don’t know why she did that) and said goodbye.

It had to happen sometime and, despite a possibility of embarrassment, I think it deserved a recording for posterity.
That was way back in my primary school before we discovered the excitement of
smoochy dances.
It was a common situation around the whole room, boys were busy smiling to each other, girls thought it was time for a dance so they would eye the boys. But both were shy, boys more so, the dance would  last one minute at arms length. But anyway it was a start and it was worth a story to remember.


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Civil Engineer in the making, moved like a kite in the wind
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