Practice Makes Perfect

Have you ever met an innocent looking girl but by the time she’s done with that round 1, you start doubting her innocence?

Ok, we men always get curious about a woman’s past but truth be told, one should never bother with a babe’s past.
Like my maths teacher, Mr.Sekakoni used to say, “Practice makes perfect” so if she does it so good and perfectly, a man is too concerned about her past to think of the present excitement. She knows her moves so well and she even suggests some that make you doubt your loss of virginity. She is adventurous and yes, you enjoy it.

By normal reasoning, probably she didn’t learn these moves by playing with bananas and test tubes in her bed. Certainly she didn’t learn by watching Brazzers.
If a woman is sufficiently experienced in bed, I can assume that she has been with atleast 5 men in her life or she has dated the same man for over 9 years.

So if you are enjoying, know that it’s something born out of practice, watching ceilings in many lodges and bachelor pads.A woman’s past is as mysterious as it comes. If she decides to open up to you, you will end up hearing phrases like
“we just went out” = we had sex
“we just dated for a while” = we had sex
“it never worked out” = we had sex

You should thank your gods when you hear such words because if the whole story is revealed, you may swear never to hear a word from that mouth.
They know how it feels when you learn that she has sucked more than the bananas she has eaten her entire lifestyle or she has been serving it since she was 15.

If you meet a woman, just know that she has a past; colourful to her, annoying to you, but anyway it’s a win-win (if you get it). Stone age teaches us that a man doesn’t become a hunter by hunting birds in his own compound, he goes out with his dogs, brave the deadly wild animals before he comes home with a gazelle.

I have come to a conclusion that wanting to know a woman’s past is the equivalent of following a bee to see where it gets it’s ingredients to make the honey that ends up on your bread. The same honey that you call her (coincidence much?).
So just enjoy the fruits that she carried and don’t bother with her past.


About silwaxxy2013

Civil Engineer in the making, moved like a kite in the wind
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