Chargless Bachelorhood

You know fate has it’s own ways of working out things, so last weekend as i happened to be enjoying the endless draws of english “big” teams at the local bar then I met Charles.
Charles was an old time buddy whom we shared fantasies about bachelorhood, say sleeping with 7 girls in 7 days.
He was carefree, friendly and a jovial guy who had a good sense of humour and…..wait for it…..had got a girlfriend.

To most of us Charles was “the man” but wait until he sips around 5 brown tall necked bottles.
I realised that this nice guy had a shit-load of problems and other things that made him a slave. From his girlfriend, to his family, this guy had it all but how to prevent these troubles without touching nerves and scrapping hearts was the biggest problem.

A lot of people go through what my friend is encountering but it’s sad given that you are still young and you should be allowed to do what you ever desired.
How then is it possible to free your life from this unnecessary bondage?
Consider these few magical tricks

Decision making
If you think about it, 90% of the populace don’t think. Thinking makes you to make the right decisions and when these are made, people start to respect you and hence you become your own boss.
When people realise you are in control of your business, they stop criticizing your decisions. So always think when making important decisions in your life, you don’t want to live your bachelor years paying off debts or in a bad relationship.

Don’t succumb to pressure
Pressure can come fron every angle known to man. From parents, to friends, to girlfriends, to workmates or just about anyone who is comfortable holding a conversation with you. Just because your girlfriend thinks that the muzigo is too small doesn’t mean you should rent an apartment you can’t afford, first access your financial situation.
Your mother may want a grand-kid, your friends might want you to join them in their couple-datez in those posh hotels. Everybody will want you to do something to please them.
This can cause so much stress because you don’t want to lose friends or family. So you just have to be gentle but firm when avoiding their load.

Cut you coat according to it’s length.
Just because you have enough money to buy a car after saving for 15 years doesn’t mean the car will run on water. Ask yourself if you saved money to maintain that car. Charles bought a mercedes C200 for a hefty sum but 3 years down the road, the car broke down. His salary can’t bring it back to life. He is now saving to bring it back to the road.
If he had stuck to a vitz, he would be stress-free. So buy what you can maintain and live a simpler life free of complications.

“Bachelors should be heavily taxed. It’s not fair that some men should be happier than others.” Oscar Wilde


            The bachelor dance


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3 Responses to Chargless Bachelorhood

  1. Shelley says:

    Ah a man after my heart. Set a budget, keep to the budget. Trust me on this as how else would we have been able to retire in our 50’s? Thanks for the follow.


  2. jollof says:

    You’ve made a lot of good points here. Lol @ the Oscar Wilde quote. The best thing about bachelorhood is freedom


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