Our Dear Desire’d Sex Leaks

On Monday a friend of mine got a boda-boda accident so yesterday I went to see him in one of these big hospitals around Kampala. As I was walking in the corridors looking for the ward number, I happened to eavesdrop two old doctors who were arguing on who had more nudes of our Desire’d Diva.
Every morning as am walking to work, tabloids be showing me Luzinda’s God given “Bintu” which is accompanied by commentary on her sex-video savoured by words like “The bed was so wet that there was no space to sleep.

From a purely industrial perspective, this particular Desire’d sexual intercourse recording is a great achievement for her. It has made advertising for the character, she is now, identified worldwide (I should inform Ziggy Dee of this interesting business venture).
The first lady of American celebrity and reality TV is Kim Kardashian whose career was launched by an interracial sex tape. The sex romp (problems of over reading kamulali) that happened in 2003 and later revealed in 2007 made her a household name and catapulted her family into superstardom. Am sure a course is being done about Kim Kardshian’s life at some university in the US.
To be honest if there had never been a sex tape, no African would know what the Kardashians went to Atlanta their weekend trip let alone the much adored show on E! called Keeping up with the Kardashians.

So our dear well-endowed Luzinda, grab this opportunity, squeeze the juice out of it (Haa… hope you saw what I did there) and make it your life. I’ll take this moment to introduce myself, am an upcoming screen writer and am half-way with “Keeping Up With The Luzinda’s”.

See what am saying???


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