Tales of the Village Trip and Old Age

Last week as I was travelling back from the village there was this kid aged around 7 years who took the seat next to me. Knowing how rare taxis travel from this village, the grandmother had brought the boy early enough to catch one. She handed the kid to the driver and paid the full fare.

After waiting for an hour and a half, the taxi was full with the kid occupying a seat. The passengers were getting impatient why the conductor wasn’t letting us go. He then let in a beautiful lady and told the boy to take the kameme (a metal seat next to the conductor’s seat), the passengers started protesting the move, claiming that the kid had paid for the seat so he had a right to occupy it. The poor kid noticing all the drama started crying. The lady noticing this, agreed to carry the kid.

At this moment I started creating scenarios in my mind, most probably the boy is an orphan. This is a boy raised by his generous grandmother who had no option but to raise her own child’s child. She seemed to be in a hurry since she didn’t wait for the taxi to leave maybe she had to go to her garden.
Maybe the mother was busy in town hustling to raise school fees for her kid after the man who made her pregnant took off. I thought it takes a whole village to raise a child, but for this scenario, it’s all about money and our transport system is not child-friendly (Tusaba Gavumenti Etuyambe).

I don’t know why, but I want to sing with the angels before 50. I plan to do something that helps communities such as constructing schools, hospitals and toilets as pro bono work (since I have a construction company).Why settle when there is so much to discover, so many people to meet let alone visiting places like the Eiffel tower or watching world cup live. But I need to have kids because this genius gene can’t just go to waste.

I have always been afraid of getting old. I think old people really suffer, you become a baby all over again. People start cleaning your faecal matter and urea and carry you wherever you go. Some regret not having lived a better life, the helplessness part is really creepy. I have observed old folks especially where I emanate from. The picture is not good if you had an average life as an adult, the chances are highly that you are likely to suffer to death. When you are old and sickly, your children won’t let you take a beer or two, because you are sick, it goes back when you were 13 when beer was for the old.

If I happen to get married, I want to be able to take care of myself and my aging wife and have minimum expectations from our kids because they have their own life to live. I want to grow old with my friends so that we can occasionally go and play golf and later take that expensive scotch whiskey. I want to keep writing my boring blogs or what will exist at the time.

If I really grow old, I want to just be happy and productive. Not like these politicians who entered office before our parents met and are still in office. No, like the ones who inspire young generations and speak wisdom.
I want to know that I lived well, enjoyed life and still living well. It should be a jolly aging and with no regrets in life.


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