That Night You Get To Sleep In a Lodge, Part 1

Disclaimer: The writer wasn’t sleeping there for coital reasons.

The courses you choose at campus tend to determine the person you will be all your life. So last month I travelled to Kasese to do engineering related work.
Arriving at 10pm in a place you have never been to is quite a scaring scenario, but with adventure on your mind, anything is worth doing.

To be honest, I had never seen the walls of a lodge in my few years of existence, so I had pictured it as a normal room with a bed and a blanket. So we started our trek in search of a place to rest our weary bodies, we entered the first one and it was fully occupied, the second one…fully occupied!! We were then directed to one which rarely gets filled up, and we were allocated rooms.

The room I was allocated to had a “thick” smell which got more concentrated as I approached the bed. I then imagined the million genitals and fluids the bed and blanket had cleaned.
Visiting the toilets, they had those cisterns where you pull a wire upwards to flush, the bowl was sickening with green algae that is celebrating a half-century in December. The shower mast was all creepy and rusty.

So we ordered supper from a nearby guy who was roasting chicken and frying chips. As we were enjoying our meal, the guy who was to sleep in the opposite room walked across us hand-in-hand with a ka 22-year old girl. He then came back for condoms at the place inscribed with “Recieption”.

It was now time to rest my body on the million “fluids” that had been poured and cleaned on the bed. The mosquito net was all filled with holes so there was no way I was going to avoid those irritating beings.

Lodges and condoms are a constant reminder that human beings are driven by their sexual impulses. Anytime sexuality has been curtailed by disease, biological inadequacy of body parts or unwanted pregnancies, we have invented things to get us going. Condoms, morning-after pills, penile enlargements, virginal oils…etc.

Back to my night, as it approached midnight the whole place was quiet, but 15 minutes after midnight…the melodies started. My opposite neighbor started the tempo with the girl first making a high pitched sound followed by rhythmic sounds lasting approximately 15 minutes. I thought I was done with the noises till another one started similar noises but these ones were a pitch higher and lasted only 2 minutes.
I then managed to get sleep and at around 5 in the morning, there were 2 songs which lasted a few seconds.

We then came to a conclusion that this lodge was a no-go area for the following night.

So for our second night in Kasese, we opted for another lodge which will be described in part 2.


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