They Now Drink Like Our Fathers

Ladies have in the past accused me of being archaic in my thinking, as a man still stuck in the caveman days with a tyrant mentality of our forefathers. This could not be further from the truth.

The first day we went out with Sandra, I went round the borrowed car and opened for her the door, before I went round and drove her to one of the fanciest restaurant in town. I pushed her chair back, and later pushed it back for her to seat just like in the movies.

She came to my place, I prepared food for her, she drank my wine till pulp, soiled my dishes but since she didn’t want to show that she liked me, she decided not to do the dishes, so I had to do them when she had left.
I couldn’t help but wonder what ever happened to “The Lady”? What happened to the lady of old who would enter your not-so organized bachelor pad, arrange the cushions to match her perfection, ask what you are cooking, enter the kitchen and dots the i’s and crosses the t’s.

I have no qualms about the recent modern trends but seeing a lady who still has some sense of traditional ideology fully engraved her wouldn’t be a bad idea. Am talking of the woman who will not buy that frozen chicken from supermarkets I won’t mention but one who will come home, ask you to help her chase the chicken around, wring it’s neck, dip it in hot water and two hours later, the aroma of the chicken is attracting the attention of the neighbors.

Women of these days are becoming a liability, how do you expect a guy to cook for you as you watch his telly, hangout in his house as he makes you laugh, but you don’t “entertain” him and when he asks for help in the kitchen, you explain why you don’t cook for men.

Well if he lives alone, and you claim to love him, realize that when you leave, he will do the dishes, when you come home and find food ready, he cooked for you, hence you are in a parasitic mode.
I know you are beautiful but people wake up and realize that they have been used all the time along.

Like that novel I read 10 years ago, things have indeed fallen apart, our girlfriends can’t cook like our mothers but they surely can drink like (or even better) than our fathers.


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3 Responses to They Now Drink Like Our Fathers

  1. teiezmar says:

    You took her to a restaurant then went home and cooked for her again. That chic can eat. Eh!!


  2. JonJfk says:

    Its very worrying… Imagine 5yrs into a marriage and the lady your stuck with never at any one point prepares a single meal for the family just because she hired a maid to do so.


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