Just like Wind

Well, a time comes when you decide whether it’s your heart to follow or your mind? When you decide whether to play life like it’s a chess board, or just smell the roses, until they are rotten.
I was in such a scenario last week when I saw this cute girl i met at a party but I didn’t have the time to exchange contacts because I was busy making myself clock cloud nine with guinesses.

Amanda was this particular girl you can’t describe but use a phrase like “Number ten in the face, slim in the waist, do you want a taste?”
She was walking along Kampala road at a fast pace. This girl was the type who when your wife finds you had an affair, she understands and never talks about it. I mean everything you could imagine, she had it.

What was one moment a method of transportation instantaneously became a cage, I had to get out of this taxi.
“Conductor, parking” I shouted. The conductor told me there was no parking but I risked everything and told him I would jump out.

Fifteen seconds past as my brain reminiscenced what it just saw, I spring out of my trance but precious moments have passed and……I don’t see her anymore.
Now I literally have no idea were this beauty is, but I just jumped out of a moving taxi for her.

I walked quickly, spicing my pace with some jogging in the direction which she was walking, I look through the nearby restaurants, she is not there. I go by a few more stores, Not there.
I go down the other side of the road, no luck at all. She must have turned a corner, or moved into some other store, or just vanished like an angel.

When I get back to where I jumped off, I discovered there was no parking space at all, I was at risk of having my head on that hot asphalt. Checking my pockets, I had given the conductor my remaining 5k.

Athough mobile money did it’s job and I got another taxi, but I didn’t get to meet the lovely Amanda, this story just illustrates the principle of persistence. You have to take action and go for what tou desire and never give up on that dream.


Nedda Amin….


About silwaxxy2013

Civil Engineer in the making, moved like a kite in the wind
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