Ok, a friend Lindah promised me a blog post and voila, she delivered..thanks Lindah for keeping the blog active because work messed it up

Am I just a shadow you drew?
Am I a bowl of mistakes one can’t seem to empty?
Am I the silent evil the saints are searching for?
Am I a nasty creation trying to fit in an unknown world?
Am I the dreams you threw out?
Am I the disappointment fathers tell their daughters to avoid?
Am I that dirt road you shouldn’t take?
Am I all the bad things Nuns try to avoid their whole entire life?
Am I a firm that is on the verge of bankruptcy?
Am I a torn wedding gown?
Am I the un-named baby lying in a dustbin?
Am I the corrupt lawyer who is trying to hide his true sexuality?
Am I a drunk fool who is trying to make a straight face?
Am I a Holy Priest that is trying to get out of the church system?
Am I an angry teenager that is taking his first smoke of weed?
Who am I, Disappointment, Regret, Shame or Rage?
I could be anything….

About silwaxxy2013

Civil Engineer in the making, moved like a kite in the wind
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