A Case of the Moving Taxi and Pedestrians

Do you sometimes stop and stare?

I mean spending some time in the shadows, observing and thinking why people do the things they do.
If you have ever had time to be on twitter, you might have noticed when some discussions arise, there is some kind of tessellation; a pattern kind of thinking where people sit on their brains and decide to take the taxi.

I have noticed it when a person raises up an issue involving bad conduct of a brand or service.I agree all humans have independent thoughts but there is always that taxi, waiting for passengers to board. It’s always offering the fashionable thought which is not necessarily the right or wrong one. The taxi has a conductor….the so-called “big wig”. What he/she thinks is what they think. If they decide to tarnish a brand, the taxi passengers will hurl all sorts of insults about it.

Not to forget, there are the pedestrians, they take their time to critically analyse the situation and make a decision they will stick to no matter what.

In most situations, the taxi accomodates those who have nothing to say but just assent to what the driver and conductor says. They are more interested in harmonising the group than have an independent mind. Their low self esteem forces them to hide inside the taxi because they can’t stand personal attacks and “trolls”.
They are afraid of saying any sense because they don’t want to be called unintelligent by those who disagree with them. The taxi also harbours those who have nothing to say but want to seem like they do. They forget that you don’t actually have to say a thing and knowing is perfectly fine.
When the driver and conductor speak for them, they retort with recycled tweets and opinions all in agreement.

Back to the pedestrians, these decide to walk with their independent thoughts. They are willing to walk all the distance despite what the crowd says. They will disagree because they believe in their thought and this sets them aparr from the rest. They like being on the other side when the rest of you are busy clouded in one thought.

The final category is those who will not say a thing. They will keep off the road and sit in a nearby shade. They have reasons for this, their thoughts feel safer locked deep within.
“So i say what i think, we argue, then…….”

All these thinkers, regardless of their opinions will welcome criticism in different ways. There are those with shallow minds who will label you an imbecile because you disagreed with them.
There are those who accept your thought, reason with you and it doesn’t matter whether you agree or not.
Then there are those who dub themselves “intellectuals” yet their brains are wanting, they seek solace in pompous words and philosophical quotes so that you feel threatened. This makes them feel supreme. Sometimes they really go off topic but their struggle to be associated with higher forms of thought is real.

But all in all, we are all children of God and He loves us.


About silwaxxy2013

Civil Engineer in the making, moved like a kite in the wind
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2 Responses to A Case of the Moving Taxi and Pedestrians

  1. Teiezmar says:

    Spot on. Love the reference to a taxi. Creative.


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