The Other Date

She had grown to be more beautiful, although she had lost that cute smile i always liked.
We had grown up in the same neighbourhood and our parents were close.
We were not many children of our age at the time so we grew really close, but her dad got a bigger job and they moved to a better place.

Well, I met her in a taxi 2 weeks ago, exchanged contacts and organised to meet and catch up with the lost time.
Yesterday we were at this coffee bar which was dimly lit, with well potted plants at the entrance. It had that aroma of sophiscation which filled the room.
Gentlemen in well pressed suits, sipping their steamy coffee with tablets and laptops infront of them.
I felt odd with my stripped shirt and jeans. Her on the other hand was dressed in a black dress, nice heels and her shiny grey handbag.

The waitress asked us for our orders. She then looked up momentarily from her phone and orders a cappuccino with a cake slice.
“And what of the gentleman?”
“Me…..ok…..a cold guinness will do….says the voice in my head”
“An expresso will do”
“Alright, i’ll be back with your orders”

I got back to the conversation i was having with her, she kept tapping the touchscreen of her HTC. She would look up for a fraction of a second, say ‘….yeah, yeah’ as i continued with my ‘noise’. She would also smile to herself as she reacted to the responses on her screen.
She would also stop me and say “sorry but i have to laugh… friend Racheal just…..blah blah” then goes back to her screen.
The voices in my head kept assuring me how staying at home and sipping beer was far better than this.

She then flushed the remaining contents of her cup down her throat and orders the waitress to pack her untouched cake slice.
I then clear the bill and as usual, give the tip.

She then said how she had a wedding meeting to attend and asked if we could meet some other time. At this point i was so done with this so called date so anything she said i would reply “yeah, it’s ok”.

A quick hug, then she jumped on the nearest boda and waves a bye bye.
This is where i smile at the askari and he shouts “Abo be bawala b’e Kampala, bakuleka mu bitaala”.


About silwaxxy2013

Civil Engineer in the making, moved like a kite in the wind
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