“I’m Sorry”

Remember during the S.6 vacation we were given those course forms to fill and also get them stamped from the various villages where we emanated.

Well, i met my LC1 in his garden and he was glad that i was making it to university.
So he opened his house and let me seat as he got the ink and the stamp. Unfortunately as he was opening his ink can, the ink spilled and soaked my form. He started panicking since he knew that my father was a no-nonsense person.
He went back to his bedroom and returned with 80k, handed it to me to go and get a new form.

I looked at the money and started imagining all the things i could do with that money, purchase a new mp3 player, or those moccasins i would see at BATA, maybe i would top it to my already saved money and buy a better phone.

As you may have noticed, none of my thoughts involved me going back to school and getting a new form. I declined the old man’s money because i knew he had more problems than me, issues like paying school fees.
But i was amazed at his willingness to take responsibility and attempt to make amends by apologising and hand out money to replace the form.

Such people like my LC1 have slowly become extinct, many people no longer take responsibility for their actions . They just deny doing the act, offer lame excuses or throw an abject apology towards the victim if you persist for long. And if you insist on compensation, the person starts hurling insults.

Our everyday life is based on such incidences.
You are stuck in traffic along Jinja Road after being fired at work and suddenly you feel a bump at the back of your car. Getting out, this guy broke your break light.
The guy gets out from his car, assesses the damage and calmly whispers “Sorry boss”.
As if the “sorry” will fix anything. When you persist that he pays for the damage, he will retort with “But Sir, I said I’m sorry”.
And it’s worse for taxis, if the driver wrecks your car, he will try to confuse you until back-up arrives, and definately you will lose to this.
“But last time i checked, sorry has never fixed a car at the mechanic”

When my nephews and nieces come to pay me a visit, they always head to my laptop and play games. But there is this kid who feels the need to multi-task by sipping his juice and driving NFS.
The parents are ok with it but i don’t take it lightly.
I always tell him good drivers first take their juice before driving because if he pours it on the laptop and i inform the parents, they will give me the occassional “Sorry but he is just a kid” without taking into the issue of fixing it.
Sorry won’t bring back the work i’ve saved there for the last 5 years.

Sorry isn’t a verb, don’t expect it to fix things for you” Unknown


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