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The Interview With Sun Tzu

So i was reading the Art of War where I came across this great general called Sun Tzu Wu, who was a native of the Ch’i state. I decided we should meet over a cup of coffee and discuss how … Continue reading

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The Leisure Park

While growing up, the only movies i ever watched were the action packed ones. You remember those where Rambo would stand with his machine gun and shoot the whole Vietnamese army who always wore sefurias (saucepans) on their heads. But … Continue reading

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That Evening

We poised on the street, still as death. Both speechless, her eyes looking into mine. Her hands in mine, gentle as the night breeze. We stood there, breathing our own air, Our hearts beating to a tune. I didn’t know … Continue reading

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The Untold

You are told of how our hearts will always beat for each other and our hands will always be entangled as we walk down the street. You read novels, watch movies of how love is a warm sensation and how … Continue reading

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