The Leisure Park

While growing up, the only movies i ever watched were the action packed ones. You remember those where Rambo would stand with his machine gun and shoot the whole Vietnamese army who always wore sefurias (saucepans) on their heads.
But as i matured, the concept of love started emanating from movies like Titanic. Where you see two people meet, go through hardships together and live happily ever after.

Have you ever watched a movie that makes you completely forget about everything. Everything except the tale unfolding before your eyes.
Well, there was this love movie, Griffin and Phoenix that captivated me and made me rethink my bachelor life.

So this was during my campus days, after watching it, i decided to make things a little practical.
So i then called this lady i had met a few weeks ago about our first date.

Me: Hello Sharon, so what will you be doing this friday evening
Sharon: Nothing has come up so far
Me: So…..i was thinking…..we should go out and take some wine
Sharon: Ok…..sounds a nice plan. So where will we go.
Me: You see…..KCCA has just unveiled this 700m leisure park….so i was thinking we should walk there, sip some wine, watch the stars and wait for the sun to rise
Sharon: Are you for real? What madness is this?? You must be drunk, go have some sleep.
*Hangs up*

In Kampala, if you kiss a girl along Jinja Road, everyone will give you that look as if you just acted porn. Boda guys will hurl insults and propose you get a room.

But this got me thinking, how real are those movies? Isn’t it just a money making venture which clouds our minds with theories.
Will i truly look into her eyes and see paradise as Marc Anthony’s When I Dream at Night plays in the background.
And my heart will whisper to my brain “She is the one”.
Will the world stop and stare at us as i hold my breath to reach for her lips?
Will the mosquitoes that day leave us to enjoy our moment and not bite her legs.

But while at it, Nigerian movies are the truth. They end their movies like this blog
             “In God We Trust”

About silwaxxy2013

Civil Engineer in the making, moved like a kite in the wind
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