As Good As The First Sip

We looked out of the window, music was on point and we said to ourselves “We are finally free”.

That was the first day at campus, I was in Nkwanga’s room, Mitchell hall and the famous Bazaar was going on.

Nkwanga later became that drunkard who wouldn’t even spare a coin for printing his coursework and as a result, the university expelled him, anyway back to the story.

After 13 years of being in a closed environment, son of man was finally free to decide whatever he ate, drank or where he slept. Nkwanga had been this dedicated student who had got his B.Statistics on government and campus wasn’t about to veer him off his dream of graduating magna cum laude.

We then entered the famous Bazaar, all items you could need at campus were there but the way our pockets were set up.
We ended up tasting the famous rolex and that pair of sausages which has been my delicacy ever since then.

There was the bell tent which had music at full blast and dubs were in plenty, so we headed for the entrance. “Buy a beer to get in” was the condition, so I bought two since Nkwanga had never tasted alcohol his entire life given his strict christian background and was not about to.

We actually met there a couple of friends from Livingstone who had come with girls from Africa and the party started. Nkwanga just sat in those plastic chairs and watched us getting merrier.

I asked him to hold for me the two tumblers since it was time to do the “pakachini”.

Nkwanga just looked at us dancing to “get down” and shook his head.

“Does your friend have an ounce of life in him?” Asked one of the girls who had galloped enough.
“You can go and ask him”
She went ahead and sat on Nkwanga’s lap.

Nkwanga was about to spill my beer since he had never come that close to a woman.

She then persuaded him to take a sip of the beer which Nkwanga declined.
This prompted the other girls to join in and convince Nkwanga to take that sip.

After taking that sip, Nkwanga looked at the tumbler and nodded.

“This stuff is almost as good as you said it was”


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