The 4 Minute Video

This is not about that fascinating video I got from a whatsapp group, it’s about that video you download off a website and use for your own consumption, never to be shared with anyone willingly.

If there is one thing that has promoted the internet, it’s pornography. You can buy that 1GB night bundle and in less than an hour, it will be consumed.
If that same bundle would be used to research about a topic, say feminism, one would be a guru at arguing it.

When it comes to hiding it on our laptops, we become computer wizards, one folder hidden in 10 other folders.
And when a friend decides to talk about it, we play the religious card, how your friend is a sinner for watching such devilish images.
This forces your friend to hide the addiction more, and it grows deeper and deeper.

Pornography is not like prostitution where you can chase the culprits off the streets. So controlling it and helping those who are affected by it is something close to rocket science.
The laws about it are drafted by archaic humans who don’t even know how to download a video.

This leaves a gap, one which you and me haven’t paid much attention.
Should those affected by it only seek solace in religious leaders when they have friends?

I’m not asking for a hashtag on twitter or facebook, but lets’s help eachother in handling some of these internal vices.

This is where I quote a bible verse about pornography but that makes the blog mainstream.


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3 Responses to The 4 Minute Video

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  2. Wow! Things just got real!

    PS: I claim these real socks.


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