What A Day

That friday started bright and sunny and I was munching my breakfast thinking of how i would be paid, remove that beeping sound of the yaka meter and buy myself some vodka to end the stressful week. Turns out I was tempting fate.

It all started going downhill when the taxi I was moving in started spewing smoke from the engine. We all had to rush out and that meant getting another taxi hence arriving late at office.
Getting to work, there was no power. I decided to go and talk to the secretary about pay day, how she was going to spend her money.
Bad news!! The company didn’t have money so we had to wait till like monday or even further.
At that moment, i had Shs8,000 in my pocket and lunch was Shs4,000.

Power then came back, i started working on a report, 4 hours without saving, UMEME did the needful.
“What is actually happening??”
In the evening, i staggered home, without a plan.
How was someone supposed to spend a weekend with just Shs3,000 in their pocket.

Reaching home, switched on the light……nothing.
“Ha, now i can’t even cook, the gods must be crazy”
I staggered back to the stage and got myself a rolex to enjoy in the darkness.
At the time, the phone was warning “battery low” so that meant no twitter for the evening.

A day that was supposed to end with me having a warm shower, sipping some vodka and watching a classic movie, had me eating a rolex while staring in the dark.

About silwaxxy2013

Civil Engineer in the making, moved like a kite in the wind
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