Who Is To Blame

It’s a Wednesday morning, i’ve barely spent 2 minutes in this taxi and the conductor shouts “muwereze ssente zamwe” (hand in your fare).
As usual it’s the ladies who pay first followed by young guys and then the hardcore old men who think they have sweated more than anyone else for their money.

That was the case here but some two guys with long noses, in their mid 20s, seated with the conductor kept ignoring him and proceeding with their chit-chat.
“Abemaaso muziwereze” (those infront hand in your fare), they continued their talk in runyankole (local language).

As we approached the stage, the two guys commanded the conductor “Mu maaso awo” (you’ll drop us in the next 20m).
The conductor already annoyed retorted “Mulwoza mwalinye ya bwelele” (you think the taxi was free).
“What have you said?”
“Do you know who we are?”
“Do you know we could get you arrested?”

The conductor kept to his word, they pay the money or he doesn’t open the door.
One of them who looked arrogant attempted to push the conductor so that he would get out.
Hell broke loose……
Punches started flying around and both of them were now on the tarmac, proving to eachother who was mightier.

It ended up with the conductor unhurt while the other guy had his nose bleeding and i think a tooth was removed.

So one wonders, Do some people wake up in the morning just to start fights?
Did the munyankole man think that the taxi runs on his father’s fuel?

My guess is as good as yours, but atleast i enjoyed a live action movie, though popcorn was not there.


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Civil Engineer in the making, moved like a kite in the wind
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