The Institution

When taking vows at a wedding, both parties say “Till death do us part”. The real question is, Do they really understand the meaning of these words?

It all starts with the proposal, where the modern man gets on one knee and proposes to the lady. This is supposed to mean that he leaves all the girls he was hanging with to settle with this lady. But how many guys actually leave the girls?

The woman on the other hand is genuinely elated since this calls for a wedding and hence security for her.

This is followed by the wedding meetings where you find yourself calling that guy you last met in S.6 to contribute to your wedding, yet in the 10 years of working you have never called him to say a “hello”.

After the wedding and the honey moon, real problems surface. She tells you how she is not ready for kids because her career is currently at a very vital stage.
Religious expectations spring up, you have to attend fellowship every wednesday and saturday, something you never thought of ever happening in your life.

When finally the kids come, both of you are too busy accumulating money for school fees to even care about yourselves and the kids.
In any case of a financial constraint, the people who pushed you to get married will give you a deaf ear when contacted.

In summary, marriage is an institution that should be approached with caution and one has to be sure that they are marrying for genuine love not material possessions.
You have to be ready to sleep next to your partner till death does you part whether he/she snores and even lets out smelly farts.
Marriage starts when the wedding stops.


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