Day 1: Sound The Alarm

My previous 7 blogs were part of the #UGBlogWeek which acted as a starter for my 30 day blog challenge for this new month, November.
So this is day 1, enjoy the ride.

My favourite aunt was baptising her son so she invited me to his party where she would introduce someone “special” into my life.

Brenda was this cute lightskin girl, with that perfect body, but personally she wasn’t that girl i would love to sleep next to for the rest of my life.
My aunt kept hinting that we belonged to the same religion and tribe so we were a perfect match.

Turns out I had seen Brenda at one of those numerous drink-ups we had at university.
She was that girl who would repel any guy who attempted to approach and compliment how beautiful she was.
And the way my pride was set up, I wasn’t going to be added to that list.

Brenda was a saint during her holidays, attending church every sunday, taking care of her brother and sisters, cleaning the house and cooking.

So not to disappoint my lovely aunt, I approached Brenda. Soon we were talking about campus life and she declared how she was a guru at “shisha” smoking, she would smoke it from 6:00pm till the next morning. She also confessed how wednesday, thursday and friday nights were always spent out “dancing”.

She had upgraded from taking “keg” and beers to cocktails since only guys with money could afford those.
She declared how stressful it was to date a broke guy (at the time i only had transport money in my pocket).

After the party, i kept calling and whatsapping Brenda but going out wasn’t an option given the fact that her standards were no where close to mine.
I would have to donate a kidney to keep up her lifestyle.

In this generation, setting up a guy and a girl to meet and stay together “for the rest of their lives” is tricky.
He/She may act as an angel when infront of the parents, yet one is worse than those people you read in tabloids.
Someone needs to sound an alarm to our parents that we are not who we are when at home.


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