Day 2: The Financial Muscle

Recently I was travelling from Kasese to Kampala in those old Kalita buses and I was seated next to this average looking mukonjo (a tribe in uganda) lady.
We shared some thoughts and particularly dating where i asked if finances played a role in getting a partner.

At first she seemed offended claiming that women are not objects that belong to the highest bidder, but after hours of explaining my side of the coin, she conceded that money is truly an essential.

First we have to accept that money gives a guy confidence, something that comes in handy when approaching the fairer sex.
Money can give you the balls to take her to a mall or a restaurant and say “you can have whatever you like”.

When it comes to competition on who should win her heart, a guy with money stands a bigger chance.
I remember while at campus, i had got some good pocket money so I called Diana to come and we go out to those hangouts, all she replied was “that bodaboda journey is too cold for my body, call me when you get a car”.

We agreed that one needs to spend more time with the girl to enable them relate.
But spending time means you go out to malls, the beach and sometimes have road trips, not staying in his muzigo (small 1 room apartment) for a whole weekend eating rolexes for supper.

And If the guy saves enough money to take the girl to the movies, they’ll have to take a boda boda and 2 taxis to reach home unlike the guy who just drives her in 10 minutes enjoying good music in his car.

So it’s not like broke guys don’t date but in case there is some kind of quagmire in the girl’s heart on who she should choose, personally i think the broke guy doesn’t stand a chance of being selected.


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