Day 3: Love and Hard work

“Love is hard work and hard work sometimes hurts” Anonymous

When Leticia was describing how it feels like to fall in love, words like magical, uncontrollable, spontaneous kept popping up.
Personally, this is not what i was picturing, why?

Like that quote, hardwork is needed for perfection to be achieved. Think about most of the luxuries we enjoy. Sweat and blood have been shed to make them happen, but at the end of it all, the joy washes it away.

Let’s consider a dinner date, that glass of wine she orders to digest the sumptuous meal required the sweat of grape pickers, the expertise and tact of the wine maker to make something pure and close to perfection, the truck driver from Mombasa who made sure the wine reaches her glass in a good condition that brings pleasure and joy.

Look at that diamond ring you put on her finger after accepting your proposal, miners go deep down to excavate that precious jewel, they risk the earth swallowing them up.
All that is hardwork that brings joy to those who look up to it.

Love is no different, sometimes it’s hard to love someone. Putting up with their nagging, their mood swings and their snores at night. Sometimes the partner is busy walking up the career ladder to even think about you.
All this requires hardwork to overcome and improve.

Let me not overshadow the beautiful moments, when both of you are on the balcony holding hands, the sun is setting, you are sipping some good wine and smooth jazz is playing in the background.
Who wouldn’t like that.


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Civil Engineer in the making, moved like a kite in the wind
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